Acupuncture is a treatment where very thin needles are inserted at certain points around your body. The points where the needles are inserted will depend on the condition that is being treated. It has been used in Chinese medicine for such a length of time that no one is able to determine how long ago it began to be used. It has risen in popularity in Western countries very rapidly over the last few years.

Natural medicines focus on healing people without the use of drugs. There are many practices that come under this category such as traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, spiritual healing and herbalism. These types of healing are often used alongside more traditional methods in order to produce the best results for the patient. Many providers of traditional medicine are beginning to practice natural medicine as well so that their patients have more options when it comes to their treatment.

Acupuncture Chart

Acupuncture Chart

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment, and although it has changed over the years, the principle has always remained the same. When it first began to be practiced, warm and cold stones were placed on the force points around the body. This then progressed to using stone needles that resembled arrows, and then again to bamboo needles. In more recent times, iron was used to makes the needles and this is the practice that is still in use today.

Although it is not clear when acupuncture was first used, the earliest evidence available shows that it was being used in 200 B.C. Today it is mostly associated with Chinese medicine, but it has been used all over the world throughout history. It has been used in several places on different continents such as Brazil, Alaska, Egypt and South Africa.

Whether you have used acupuncture many times before, or you are completely new to the practice, the information in this article should give you the idea that there is far more to acupuncture than just lying on a table with someone sticking needles into your body. The theory behind this type of medicine is that the body has its own healing responses which are deeply rooted in our physiology. Acupuncture can help you feel this healing response from your body, and you can help this healing with the right lifestyle and dietary choices.

The first thing that the acupuncturist will do when you see them for the first time is to determine which pressure points they need to work on. They will use needles that are made from disposable steel and have plastic or wound wire on the top of the needle so that they have something to hold onto while inserting and removing the needles. The needles are inserted to a depth of 3-5mm in areas of the body where the blood may become blocked. People who have had acupuncture in the past describe a feeling of pressure at the point where the needle is inserted, and they also notice an immediate relief from the pain that they may have been experiencing. Each session will normally last for half an hour, and the amount of sessions that are needed will depend on the condition that is being treated, and the severity of this condition.

Any condition that is caused by an imbalance in hormones can be effectively treated using acupuncture. This can include complications arising from the menopause, periods that are heavy or irregular, PMS and problems with fertility. The reasons why these imbalances occur in the first place could be because of lack of exercise, extreme temperatures of hot or cold, lack of sleep, emotional stress or a poor diet.

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